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Welcome to About Us!

We would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Combined we have been teaching for over 70 years. We both have a BA in Elementary Education and a Masters in Special Education. Frequently taking courses, researching new ideas and different programs that help children overcome learning obstacles, We continue to enhance our teaching abilities. Throughout our careers, we have worked with a diverse population of students, all with different personalities, learning styles and abilities. Together we have taken students that are below their expected reading level to their appropriate level in a single school year. We have also encountered students that could not read or write whatsoever, but together, with extreme determination and incredibly hard work, we accomplished the impossible. Once a child can read, it opens so many doors. Conquering their reading difficulties builds their self-esteem, self confidence and a love for reading! Our philosophy has always been that children need to know that you truly care about them as individuals and that you care whether or not they reach their goals.